Friday, October 9, 2009

What is Randy writing?

Good question.  The short answer is "lots of stuff."

I have a fiction novel that is at about 45,000 words right now.  A first novel is supposed to come in at around 100k words.  I'm projecting about 110k-120k words to finish the plot that I have outlined right now.  The working title is "The eight lives of Walta Sepatet."  Think Job meets 'Gulliver's Travels', but with less obscure imagery  Walta meets God and figures out why bad things happen to good people.

I have eighteen other fiction novel ideas written down.  I have a new idea for a novel at least once a week, but only a few are really worth writing.  Those are the ones I've been writing down.  Some of those are just a paragraph or two description right now.  A few of them have several scenes and a full plot outline written.  But I'm ignoring these until I get Walta finished.

I have a few non-fiction book ideas rolling around in my head.  Right now they are all still in the research stage.  One of those is my magnum opus, 'Democracy 2.0'.  Non-fiction is easier to write.  So if I come up with a good non-fiction book idea that I can write quickly, I might pause Walta and do that first.

I'm going to continue to write on this blog.  I'm probably going to try to get some articles published on other websites.  And I might write some short stories, either to self-publish here or to submit to science fiction sites/magazines/anthology books; as a way to practice my craft and get my name established.

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