Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Comfort food

When I feel down there are certain foods that help lift my mood.  When I am sick, there are certain foods that bring me comfort.  Some of these I know where the association started.  Some of these make no sense.

I was sick a lot as a kid.  I had bad allergies and a constant runny nose.  And thus I had lots of sore throats.  My mom would make me "jello drink".  Heat two cups of water (near boiling is fine.)  Stir in a regular packet of Jello.  Stir and drink.  At first you have to sip, but when it cools enough you can chug it.  It really soothes a sore throat.  Peach is my favorite.  Black Cherry is also great.  Grape and Orange are also very good.

When I'm lonely or depressed I like a burger and tots with a cherry lime-aid from Sonic.  (I also get this sometimes when I'm just hungry and not depressed.)  I think that Dayna (my oldest sister) worked at Sonic for a little while.  I would have been about 6 then.  I don't have any specific memory of eating this.  I just found that it picks me up when I'm blue.

Runners up:
Cream of tomato soup, with salty crackers.
Chicken noodle soup, also with salty crackers.
Chocolate cake.

I thought about adopting some exotic food as a comfort food.  But at heart I just like the simple things in life.

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