Monday, October 19, 2009

Kasparov on Obama's gambit opening

Garry Karparov is the greatest chess player since Bobby Fisher (who is the greatest of all time.)  Since losing to that computer, Kasparov has turned his attention to politics.  He has a sharp mind.  His grasp of tactics and strategy is way beyond the reach of most mortals.  Most of what I have read of his politics is just plain hard to follow, but not this piece.

President Obama, when he calls you out for having stupidly short-sighted foreign policies, you should take heed.

I don't agree with much of what Kasparov's political party stands for.  But he is not a liar or a fool.  And his analysis of current US-Russian relations is absolutely correct.

There is a way to lead the world to disarmament.  Playing the patsy is not the way.  Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea are all playing us for patsies right now.

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