Monday, October 5, 2009

My accomplishments

This is the list.  It's sorted in very roughly chronological order at this point.  Depending upon the precise position I am going after with any given version of my resume, I will pick several of these to highlight at the top of the resume.  The remainder will mostly end up in much of the body of the rest of the resume.

If you can think of any others, or if you have any suggestions for rewording, please drop me a note in the comments.  Each one is worded with the company name and such so that I can pluck them out of this historical list....  The ones highlighted at the top of the resume will be worded this way.  In the body of the resume they will be edited down.

Predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union within 18 months in my Senior thesis in March, 1990 (final collapse was either 10, 15, or 21 months later, depending upon the precise event you choose as the mark of the end.)

In 2006 I began warning friends and family that the US housing market was in a bubble, and that a price correction was coming.

I was promoted 9 times in 6.5 years (two stints) at CompUSA.

Leading salesperson in selling warranty contracts in my store at CompUSA, during my time in retail sales there.

Wrote training program and trained coworkers in selling warranty contracts at CompUSA.

Leading salesperson in profit dollars and margin percentage, during my time in inside corporate sales at CompUSA.

Wrote formal employee conduct "write-up" of my boss for racist remarks that he made at a team meeting, during my time in inside corporate sales at CompUSA.

Won a single $14M contract sale (against an annual quota of $3M), during my time in inside corporate sales at CompUSA.

Leading outside sales representative in new accounts opened (the core metric for the position), during my time in outside corporate sales at CompUSA.

Saved major corporate client for CompUSA by working with client's legal department to document misdeeds performed by former CompUSA and client employees.

Developed sales process for web-based Timesheet software, when I joined Journyx in January, 1999.  There were zero previous sales.  I sold $800,000 the first year.

Trained eight new salespeople, using the process and tools that I had developed.  Journyx reached $2M in annual sales the second year, all from myself and the sales team I had trained.

Created and moved in to the new role of Sales Engineer at Journyx late in my second year at Journyx.

Sold three major clients with extensive customization needs, while serving as Sales Engineer at Journyx.

Created and moved in to the new role of Product Manager at Journyx to project manage delivery of customized software.

Successfully managed the project of delivering major software customizations to three separate clients in a single version release, in 2001 at Journyx.

Developed first patentable idea for Journyx--using free versions of our software on clients' servers to host ads.  Served as technical writer and liason to patent lawyers for patent application process for all 13 of Journyx's patent applications.  We have been awarded 7 patents, including my original web-based billboards idea.

Built Technical Support team for Journyx.  Designed all technical support processes and documentation from scratch, including all of the interface points for the Technical Support team and other teams.

Staffed and trained Technical Support team for Journyx with extremely low turnover over a period of 7+ years.  Only one Technical Support member left for a better opportunity, and none were dismissed for cause, during my tenure.
- 2 layoffs due to corporate downsizing in 2004.
- 1 promoted out to the development team.
- 1 horizontal move to marketing.
- 1 left for a better opportunity.
- All other hires remain with the company to this day.

Interviewed, hired, trained, managed, and retained many different types of employees in my management experience at both CompUSA and Journyx:
* Retail stockers
* Commissioned salespeople
* L1, L2, and L3 Technical Support staff
* Trainers
* Business consultants
* Programmers

Coached 3 Technical Support staff through successfully completing 90-day performance improvement plans to keep their positions after periods of performance problems.

Chose and implemented 2 software helpdesk software packages in 7+ years managing the Technical Support team at Journyx, including successful migration from first to second package with zero down-time for clients.

My Technical Support team at Journyx generated multiple client praises for each complaint over a 7+ year period.

My Technical Support team at Journyx garnered 92% maintenance renewals each year.

My Technical Support team at Journyx accounted for up to 25% of all corporate revenue in later years, up to $1M per year.

My Technical Support team at Journyx operated at a gross profit margin (accounting only direct costs, including costs billed to Technical Support by other departments) of more than 60%.

My Technical Support team at Journyx provided support for over 900 paid corporate customers, and up to 50 evaluating corporate clients at any one time; corresponding to over 20,000 supported seats.

Developed and managed process for virtual test environments, using VMWare, to replicate all supported environments and reduce calendar time to perform platform testing at Journyx.

Personally handled the most complicated 1% of Journyx's technical support cases, including remoting controlling and fixing clients' servers for very many clients, including several Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000.

Wrote the core Journyx corporate white paper for clients on how and why to use our software.

Wrote the core technical tuning and performance diagnostics guide for Journyx.

Managed remediation of hundreds of application faults for Journyx, including documentation and escalation to development team, communication with clients, some code review of fixes, testing of fixes, and distribution of patches.

Wrote a series of articles describing how to build, manage, and market a Technical Support team.  These articles have been published and re-published dozens of times in various forms on many different industry websites.

Developed process and tools for scoping and selling custom development projects to new and existing clients for Journyx.

Scoped and wrote bids for approximately 150 custom development projects for Journyx.

Maintained a 70% close rate on custom development bids for Journyx.

Sold $500k in custom development in the first three years of the program for Journyx.

Created and managed process of investing 'bench time' to mature custom development projects into off-the-shelf custom tools for resale to other Journyx clients.  Tool resale business generated $250k in very high margin revenue in the firt three years.

Negotiated service package contents and rates with Journyx Sales team.  Wrote scopes and first edition of sales collateral for all services products.

Managed staff and contractors who performed training and implementation projects for Journyx clients.  Performed dozens of these implementation and training projects myself, including many very large clients: Citibank, Chase, EDFUND, Symantec, United Health Group, several divisions of GE, and many others.

Modified and managed Journyx's fixed-cost implementation and training projects process and collateral to adjust to changing client needs and maintain a 25% gross margin across the pool of projects.

Developed and managed process for calculating work progress on a wide variety of types of billable projects, in support of advanced accounting processes.

Developed and managed system for billable project staff to provide progress updates to all interested parties at one time (management, accounting, sales, and support.)

Developed and deployed standardized communications with clients for the entire sales delivery and payment process.

Managed internal documentation with regard to all Technical Support and Professional Services processes, and ensured that everyone in the company had access to the documentation and basic understanding of all of the processes.

Handled dozens of large and complex customer satisfaction situations for Journyx, for clients such as United Health Group, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symantec, Citibank, Chase, Algorithmics, and many others.

Served on cross-functional team that reviewed big and small features for potential inclusion in Journyx's core application.

Reviewed functional design of most large features and almost all small features for 10+ years at Journyx.

Designed and pitched internally many innovative feature ideas for Journyx's core application (Import Tools, System Reports, Historical Record Architecture, Data Validation Tool, Suggested Time Records, Affirmation Engine, Employee Review Process, and many others.

Created and rolled out Division-wide employee bonus program at Journyx.

Created, implemented, and managed new customer feedback mechanism for Journyx via independent polling company.

Achieved consistent 90%+ customer satisfaction ratings within my Journyx Technical Support team.

Achieved consistent 80%+ customer satisfaction ratings within my Journyx Professional Services team.

Implemented Division-wide calendar and instant messaging (IM) system for Journyx.

Worked with cross-functional team at Journyx to design and implement business process changes for transition from local install only to combined local install and Software-As-A-Service model.  This included developing pricing models, sales commissions structures, new support processes, new license contracts, and new accounting revenue recognition formulas.

Served for over three years on Journyx's Leadership Team of executives, for most of that time I was the only person titled below VP to so serve.  Evaluated full company financials and advised CEO and other department heads on overall management of the company.  During this period the company grew from approximately $2.5M to $4M annual revenue by implementing a strategy of focusing on fewer larger clients.

Worked out and explained to my peer executives at Journyx the time dillution effects of Software-As-A-Service sales (sales later in the year contribute less to annual revenue numbers than identical sales earlier in the year.)  Developed and proposed alternate revenue recognition models to compensate for this accounting weakness in the SaaS model.

Provided first-pass analysis of overall corporate financials and generated summaries of critical metrics for other Journyx executives.

Provided external trend and market analysis to peer department managers at Journyx, along with advice such as vertical markets to target and avoid.

simultaneously managed a cost center (Technical Support) and a profit center (Professional Services) with full P&L responsibility for both departments, for over 3 years at Journyx.  My two departments contributed upwards of 40% of all corporate revenue at substantial gross margins (60% and 30%.)

Cut discretionary (non-payroll) costs in both departments I managed at Journyx by over 70% when the economic downturn occurred in early 2009.

Played various significant roles in every Journyx Timesheet release for 10+ years, including feature design input, functionality testing, bug testing, bug testing management, release planning input, and documentation writing for 4 major version releases, 14 minor version releases, and 28 patch releases.

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