Friday, October 16, 2009

Call of God's leader

I just got back from Austin Christian Executive's Bible Study.  Another good lesson and great discussion.  Mike Field lead the study.  We looked at the early life of Moses in Exodus 2-4.

I'm an INTJ.  When I look at how Moses operated I think maybe he was an INTJ also:

  • He starts out quiet and reserved.
  • He has a big vision, but he doesn't tell anyone (freeing the Israelites)
  • He acts out as if he has a plan, but doesn't explain it to anyone. (killing the Egyptian)
  • When he is confronted and hits adversity for the first time he runs away.
  • He avoids confrontation--would rather tend his father-in-law's sheep for 40 years than confront the unjust system that he really would like to tear down.
  • He doesn't react with fear when he meets the burning bush--it's just a new thing he will examine and learn from.
  • He has all of the reasons and arguments thought out when God tells him to go to Egypt.
  • He has a pessimistic outlook.

It feels good to think that God can even use INTJs.

I wonder if Moses gave up on his plan for freeing the Israelites before God called him?  Is that part of the reason why God waited 40 years?

It seems that God's model leaders are all shepherds.  There is a pattern there worthy of additional study.

Moses tells God that he is slow of speech, and therefore cannot be God's spokesman.  God tells him that Aaron will help him speak, and so it seems there is some truth to that claim.  But in Acts (7:22) Stephen says that Moses was powerful of body and speech.  I'm missing something there.  If anyone knows the answer to that conundrum please let me know.

God says His name is "I AM WHO I AM", or "I AM THAT WHICH I AM".  Mike said that he found this translation that seems like a more accurate English translation of what the Hebrew words really mean:
"I shall continually be that which I always have been"
Mike gave the author's name, but I didn't get it written down.  I tried googling the quote and couldn't find it.  If you know the author please let me know.

One of the guys in the discussion made a point about spiritual growth:
"When you reach a mountain top it is hard to understand that you cannot climb the next mountain top unless you cross the valley in between."

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