Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My perfect desk

I thought of this years ago: the treadmill desk.  I even photoshopped a keyboard and monitor onto a treadmill to explain what I was talking about.  Curt and Matt at Journyx (and maybe some others) should be able to vouch for me on this.  This was long enough ago that screens were all big bulky CRTs--LCDs were still way to expensive to consider.

I didn't build it because I reasoned that the up-and-down motion of walking would make the screen too hard to read.  The screen (and maybe the keyboard) would need to move up and down with the walker, and that was too hard to build and too expensive to sell.  If you check the reviews on this (and it's competitors) that is exactly what you will find.  It works ok for surfing and videos, but you have to stop walking to read any significant amount of text.

We're approaching the technological point where someone could mount a camera on the whole thing and use hydraulics to move the screen (and maybe keyboard) up and down as the person walked.  Or just get some glasses with the screen projected on them--they would move with you, also.  That might be worth buying.

Until then I would be happy with a desk that I could move up and down.  My lower back gets sore from sitting.  I switch out to sit on a big posture ball sometimes.  But I often just have to stand or change positions.

I need a table top, a keyboard and mouse drawer below the tabletop, a screen, and a headphone jack (probably on the speakers.)  I want to have an easy clamp mechanism that is counter-weighted, so I can squeeze the clamp and lift or lower the work area.  The desktop might have several books on it, so the counter-weight system needs to accommodate that some.  I need it to range from full standing height to literally laying on my belly with a small pillow under my chest and elbows.

I found a couple of similar items, but neither is quite right.  One is very expensive and doesn't go down far enough.  The other is too small of a tabletop and doesn't go down far enough.

Somebody go invent that for me, please.  Thanks.

Yes, I am also thinking about getting a different chair.

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