Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What do you do?

I was thinking about how to explain what I do.  If you know me, let me know what you think of this description:
I'm the expert at aiming before we fire.
I feel like I excel at digesting massive amounts of data and coming up to speed on any topic very quickly--even when there isn't a known source for the data I need.  And then I work through the actual process of how we go about implementing our strategy.  That includes project planning and contingency planning.  That includes short, medium, and long term strategy.

I had one more associated thought.  I need to work in a company that is small enough, or where I am high up enough, so that I can talk with the CEO.  Part of the reason why I could never pull myself away from Journyx was that from day one I always had direct access to Curt.  I don't have to be the final decision maker (although that wouldn't be so bad), but I need to be able to speak to the decision maker directly.  Deep politics and organizational structure would stifle me too much.

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