Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chase bank rip-off update

Chase replied to me this morning. Now they are saying that there is a flat $0.50 fee for each bill pay transaction. They apologized and said that their previous messages explaining the reason for the transaction being denied were simply incorrect: The fee was not because the merchant held more than the amount of the transaction or because the transaction came from a non-Chase bank.

They say that the $0.50 fee is in the separate terms and conditions statement for the bill pay feature.

I just re-read the Terms and Conditions for the bill pay feature. I found where it says there is a fee, but the amount of the fee is not listed. It refers to a link entitled 'Bill Pay Fee'.

I dug around and found that link on the 'Self Service' page, and when you click it you get a pop-up window that says:
"There is no fee for enrolling in the Bill Pay service. You will be charged a fee of $0.50 for each payment that we process on your behalf. When we attempt to process your payment, your account must have a sufficient balance to satisfy the total of both the amount of the payment and the fee or the payment will be rejected."

The main bill pay page does now have this notice, which I am pretty sure was not there the other day:
"Note: You may be assessed a Fee for using the Bill Pay Service. Please refer to the Bill Pay Fee section in the Self Service Menu to review your Bill Pay Service Fee. "

My regular old Chase checking account has no fees for bill-pay transactions.

I can't prove that they edited the Terms and Conditions or the links on the website, but I think that they did. At least they are being honest now, even if the amount of the fee is hard to find. And even though it took them three tries to figure it out themselves.

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