Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prayer with Friends - a facebook application idea

Prayer with Friends

I had an idea for a facebook application.  I would like your feedback.  One of my developer friends thinks that I can code well enough to write a simple facebook application.  Or I could find someone to write it...

Short description:
You install this application that lets you enter praises and prayer requests.  Your facebook friends can also enter their own praises and prayer requests.  You can hit a link that says 'Pray', and get a page with random praises and prayer requests--from your own list and your friends' lists.  You check them off as you pray, and when you hit 'Amen' at the bottom your friends get a post on their wall saying that you prayed for them.  And you can easily send them a private note of encouragement.

Long description:
Each person has to install the application, like any facebook application.  Once installed, you get a new tab in your profile labeled 'Prayer'.  The first page would be the 'Concerns' page.

The Concerns page would have a list of list of the praises and prayer requests that you had entered.  Probably all items would be listed in one column, with the newest items on top.  Requests and Praises would have different icons or colors--so you can visually distinguish them easily.  You can edit any of them.  You can change a request into a praise.  You can add as many new requests or praises as you want.  There would be a link on the Concerns page to the "Pray!" page.

The Pray! page would be laid out according to the ACTS model: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.  The idea would be to read the page and pray as you go.  The bottom of the page would have a button labeled 'Amen'.

The Adoration section would have a number of qualities of God that you could worship Him for.  I would hard-code this list into the application.  I'd get some solid believer friends to help me brainstorm the list and edit it.  Then you would get some random items from that list.  Maybe these would all have scripture references.  Or maybe they would all just be scripture verses.

I'm not entirely sure what to do with the Confession section.  Should there be a list of generic things that might remind you of things you might need to confess?  Should there be a big blank text field for you to type out a confession?  Should there be a generic sample confession prayer?  Maybe a list of questions like:

  • Who have I disappointed today?
  • Who have I hurt today?
  • Did I sin against You today, Father?
  • Did I compromise my morals today?

The Thanksgiving section would have a random (or semi-random) set of praises, taken from your list and from the lists of your facebook friends.  Each praise item from a friend would have a check-box by it, so the idea would be for you to check each item as you prayed about it--giving thanks.

The Supplication section would have a random (or semi-random) set of requests, taken from your list and from the lists of your facebook friends.  Each request item from a friend would have a check-box by it, so the idea would be for you to check each item as you prayed about it--making the request.

When you were done you would hit the 'Amen' button at the bottom of the page.  When you clicked that the application would make a wall post on each of the friends you had prayed for.  I'm not sure if those wall posts should include the details of what they prayed for, or simply that "So-and-so prayed for you today."  It would also make a post on your wall saying "I prayed for my friends today.  Click here if you would like to pray and be prayed for."  That link would go to the installation page for the application.

After you click Amen you get a final page called "Encourage".  This page would have a section for you to type a short private message to each of the people that you prayed for.  Each person would have a separate box--and would get only the message that you type for them.  I think the message subject would be hard-coded, something like "I prayed for you and I would like to encourage you".  The message would contain the list of praises and requests from them that you had prayed for, along with whatever encouraging message you type in.  If you don't type in anything then they don't get a private message at all.

When someone else views your Profile and clicks the 'Prayer' tab they would not see the full list of praises and requests.  Maybe they could see the entire list, if they have the Pray with Friends application installed.  If they don't have the Pray with Friends application installed then they would only see a generic note that says "So-and-so prays for his/her friends, and lets his/her friends pray for him/her.  Click here to install the Pray with Friends application and get in on the praying."

1. On the Concerns page, would it be important to show some feedback on how often each item has been prayed for?  Or who prayed for it?

2. Would it be important to keep the edit history for the praises and requests?  (So you could look at a praise and maybe click to expand it to see the original request and any edits/updates that you entered over time.)

3. I think that there should always be the same number of Adorations, Praises, and Requests on the Pray! page.  What do you think?

4. Do you think that the number of Adorations, Praises, and Requests should be configurable?  If not, then how many (of each) should there be?

5. What should the Confession section look like?

6. Do you think that the subject line of the Encouragement messages needs to be change-able?

7. Do you think that you need some sort of reminder to pray?  If so, what kind of reminder?  A notification, maybe (if that is possible)?

8. What else?  What did I not think of?

9. Do you know anyone who would want to code this?

10. Could you help fund coding this?

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