Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A good car diagnostics guy

My Mustang has been acting up for several months.  I thought I had it fixed, but it continued to mess up.  I asked around among my friends for a name of a mechanic who is good at troubleshooting and figuring out complicated or difficult problems.  Mike Burns gave me the name of a mechanic who had been recommended to him.

Greg Potts.  His shop is called Red Lion Motors.  (512) 267-7330.  His shop is off in the woods, down a gravel road.  Take 1431 west from 183.  It's the second u-turn after the new New Hope stoplight, about the time you think you are leaving Cedar Park.

He's a former IBM guy with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel.  Nice guy.  Ask to see his Corvette project car while you are there.

He figured out that I had trash of some sort in my power steering fluid that was jamming up my power steering pump at random times.  That's why my power steering pump would lock up and kill the engine if I was at idle.  I thought it was the power steering pump--I replaced it 3 times in 6 months.  Greg also figured out that Ford recently suggested flushing all of the power steering fluid and switching to a certain automatic transmission fluid in my model of Mustang.  Ford won't say why, but I'm betting it is related.

It took longer than I hoped, and cost a little more.  But it worked.  And I didn't have to spend any more money or time changing things and hoping to fix it.

If you have a tough problem that needs a really good diagnostic guy, call Greg.

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