Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New tool: Notepad++

I've been using UltraEdit for about 6 years, and I love it. I bought a 10-user license at Journyx and several people there used it.  Massive files.   Search and replace through multiple files or a whole directory.  Compare multiple files.  Macros.  HTML markup.  And it works great at stripping out non-printable characters that often caused problems for Timesheet.

When I left Journyx I had to format my drives and reinstall OSes and other software that I owned licenses for--my laptop was owned by Journyx and I was using some Journyx-owned software on my home desktop PC, too.  Now I am free of Journyx-owned licenses (buying Windows 7 and Office was painful.)  I still have a copy of Journyx's Ultra-Edit license, but I decided not to use it.

Ultra-Edit is $50.  I just can't swing that right now.  I've been using Notepad for all of my blog posts and HTML editing for  That has gotten very old very fast.

Today I searched around for Ultra-Edit competitors, hoping to find something cheaper.  I found Notepad++. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of UltraEdit.  But it seems to work very well.  The HTML markup is very pretty and easy to read.  And it's free.  It seems to be clean of scumware and adware--big problems for free software.

Whoo-hoo!  Yeah Internet!

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