Saturday, December 19, 2009

I really HATE Chase bank now

Chase is managing the unemployment benefits card for the State of Texas.  I've documented previous frustrations with them.

Today I logged in to their website to check my account balance.  After entering my login and password I was randomly presented with an additional security question.  This isn't a question with a single right answer, like my mother's maiden name.  I don't remember ever setting up advanced security questions with them, but apparently I did.  This is a pretty memorable question, so I'm really puzzled about this.

I typed in the right answer to the question.  No.  I tried capitalizing the first letter.  No.  I figured I only had one more chance.  I pulled out my files and looked to see if I had written down the answer--I normally do for important stuff.  Nope.  So I guessed what I might have answered if I was feeling funny when I set that up.  No.

Now I'm locked out of the website.  The lock out message simply says to call customer support for access.  There is no phone number provided.  Obnoxious twits.

I had my file out, so I called the number there.  It's an automated attendant.  There is no option for resetting my website access.  There is no option for speaking to a human.  Nothing.  Dead end.

I want to scream at someone, but there are no humans available.  No one at the local branch knows anything about the unemployment cards, so there is no point harassing them.

Someone at Chase needs to be told in no uncertain terms that this level of incompetence and customer dissatisfaction is not helping the bank.  When I have a work income again I will be leaving Chase bank.  I can't be the only person.

Update on 1/4/10:  I just spent 20 minutes dialing in to Chase's automated phone system and hitting numbers at random until I found one that led to a human.  The secret is that you have to press the option that says you want to dispute a transaction.  That appears to be the only option that lets you talk to a human.

The guy who answered spoke perfect English and helped me out in a few seconds.  So something works.  I'm now back in to the website.

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