Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go big John McCain!

Barry at the Big Picture points to this Newsweek article saying that John McCain (R Ari.) and Maria Cantwell (D Was.) have introduced a bill in the Senate to reinstate Glass-Steagall.  There's not much chance of it passing, because of the lack of White House support and the massive lobby spending of the financial services industry.

I feel a little vindicated for my support of McCain in the last election (for the record I voted for him in the 2000 republican primaries, also.)  He botched the response to the financial crisis, and that cost him the White House.  But now his reformer instincts appear to be kicking in now.

I've always thought of McCain as a new Teddy Roosevelt.  He's a centrist and isn't afraid to confront his own party.  I think he would have made a great president--certainly better than either Bush II or Bush III.

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