Sunday, September 27, 2009

Second video test -- Young Spider-man

I have no idea why this video file is so big.  I did a little editing in Microsoft's Movie Maker software.  I think this just proves that I need some lessons, or something, before I make any more videos.  :-)

As promised, more of Lincoln climbing the walls.

One reader sent me an email and asked why he is climbing the door frames like this, and whether or not this is really safe.  Lincoln did this all on his own, in order to turn on the lights.  We laughed about that.  He wasn't high up enough to hurt himself.

Some of our door knobs have privacy locks.  We keep the keys on top of the doors.  Georgia figured out that the keys were up there and asked Lincoln to climb up a little farther and get her a key--yes, the two year old figured this out and communicated it to the three year old, who agreed to help her.  We have now moved the keys and told Lincoln and Georgia that they are not up there any more.  We think that will be enough to get him to stop climbing all the way up, because a fall from that height might hurt him.

It might not stop him.  He doesn't seem to need much reason to climb and jump off of stuff.  We definitely have to keep our eyes on him.

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