Monday, September 28, 2009

The job I am looking for

I worked through the free-writing exercises.  I ended up where I was afraid I would be.  In human terms, my dream job is entirely unattainable.  I have a plan B job outlined, where I think I could find some joy and some success.  But my heart will not be there.  Democracy 2.0 is all about Justice, Equality, and Peace.  That is where my heart is.

My dream job is:
* I get to work on Democracy 2.0-like projects, making tangible improvements to large groups of people's lives through policy, philosophy, and legal changes.
* I get to live my faith out loud, speaking boldly about God's vision of people helping people, non-violence, and forgiveness.  This includes proclamation to the Church, to get them involved, and apologetics to the unchurched, to earn trust and open doors.
* I get to work with a diverse group of Justice-loving people of various gifts.

I can't even figure out a title for a position like this.  Maybe a researcher at a think-tank.  Maybe a policy researcher staffer on a political campaign (there are only a few that would allow me the religious freedom I crave.)  Hernando de Soto's Institute for Liberty and Democracy would be perfect, except for the religion issue.  I haven't been able to find anyone doing this in the name of God that I could join.  Does any church have a full-time staff position for Minister of Social Justice?  Would they hire someone who didn't finish his M. Div.?

James called this an "ambassador from the poor to the rich".  Yeah, it's something like that.

I just can't see any way to get there.  I can't get there.

God, to the best I can see this is where you are going and what you are doing.  Please let me join you there.  I believe this is what you made me to do.

Plan B: What I know how to do looks like this:
* I interview clients and prospects, research competitors and complementary products, and document the business and technical requirements for a product.
* I document (or work with a documentation team) to detail the business processes that interact with the product.
* I work with developers and testers to ensure that the delivered product meets the documented requirements.
* I communicate design decisions and status to amy and all stake holders--clients, board, salespeople, etc.

The title for a position like this would be Product Marketing Manager, or Product Manager.  Or it could be a Sales Engineer or Solution Designer in a company that sold highly customized solutions.

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