Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm still thinking about it

I got laid off.  You know that by now.  I have enough savings and whatnot that I can take a little time to catch my breath and approach my next job with more of a plan than I did any previous job.  I started at CompUSA because I was interested in computers and had no experience whatsoever.  I bailed and went to Journyx because I needed any job (CompUSA was clearly sinking) and they agreed to hire me.  Those two jobs lasted me over 15 years (yes, there was a brief stint at Computer Source, but that doesn't really count.)

Now I get to take a little time and decide what I want to do.  What type of work would I enjoy?  That is a very liberating and stress-relieving question.

I had decided to take some time and decide what I wanted to do before I jumped in to searching.  I started getting the preparations for the job search in place--this blog, my LinkedIn profile, business cards, etc.  But I'm waiting to shift into real 'search' mode until after I make that decision.

While I was going through these preparations I attended a meeting of the Austin Job Seekers Network at Hill Country Bible Church (highly recommended, by the way.)  They did an announcement for a job search process training class by Ken Kuznia, whom I had already heard about elsewhere.  I signed up, and then took that class earlier today.  The class is called 'Land the Job You Want'.  The plan outline in the next post is my personalization and interpretation of that class, mixed with a few other ideas that I had.

Update: Decision is made.

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