Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My old blog

I had started a blog years ago. Then I got busy. Computers crashed. Email accounts changed. Passwords lost. Now I can't back in to manage or update it. (sigh)

I did that blog anonymously because I didn't want to get questioned about it at work. I was really worried about having personal-life distractions there. Obviously I underestimated the positive value of the connectivity of the internet.

There are a few articles on that blog that I think deserve attention here.

* My September 18, 2001 presidential address. This is the one-draft speech I wrote on the morning of September 18, 2001, as I debated what I wanted to hear from GWB in his first address after the attacks. I was not surprised by what he said that night, but I was disappointed. It's still rough--no editing whatsoever. But this is the clearest window into my soul you will ever find.

Several other posts are worth reading, but I'll let you go dig if you are interested.

I really like this quote. I forgot I had written it until I just re-read that blog. Under the heading of 'Forgiveness':
"I choose to no longer be bound by the mistakes of your past."

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