Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I fixed the microwave

I was laid off on Friday. While I was heating my lunch on Saturday the microwave stopped working. I was not a happy camper.

Of course it's a mounted-over-the-range model, so it's at least $160 to replace.

I decided that I had nothing to lose by ripping it apart and looking for the problem. I googled the model number and found the parts replacement diagrams at a part distributor's website. I found that there is an in-line fuse deep inside, so I had a little hope of finding a fixable problem.

So then I began ripping it apart. This is what I found:

I was very afraid that a burn-out of this scale was a bad omen of other damage. But I decided that it was worth trying to replace. I could have just re-wired without a fuse, but my fears of a kitchen fire got the better of me and I made a trip to Radio Shack.

$6 for a fuse holder and 20amp ceramic fuse. I cut the old one out. I wired the new one in. I put it all together and plugged it back in.

It worked like a champ.

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