Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Global warming idea #1, blinking red lights

Here's a free one for the global warming crowd.  It's an idea that you can easily get the rest of us to support.

Convert all stoplights to blink red instead of staying solid red.  At a blinking red light you stop, look to see if anyone is coming, and if it is clear you can go on.  That would ease congestion, reduce the amount of time people sit idling, and burn less gas.  Less waiting.  Less CO2.  Less frustration.  Less foreign oil.

We would need to talk about it quite a bit and have a big change-over period, in order to maintain safety.

There would probably be some intersections where the lay of the land, presence of obstructions, and speed of the oncoming traffic would make it too dangerous to let people stop and go like this.  But that is probably a very low percentage of intersections.

Hurry up.  Go make that happen for me.  :-)

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