Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The end is near (for Islamic extremism)

Johann Hari does some good for the name of journalism in this piece in the Independent. Brave and deep.

On September 18, 2001, I wrote that if I were president I would pursue the international criminals who had perpetrated the attacks in international criminal courts.  I said that I would use the extensive resources of our wonderful land to attempt to restore peace through humble negotiations.  I said then that this would snuff out the flame of extremism that was threatening to rise up and engulf our world in killing and destruction.

I was right.

It will get darker before the dawn, but the first rays of light are breaking.

And contrary to the sensational headline, Islamic extremism won't end completely.  The movement will lose its status as an acceptable form of Islam and fall out of the mainstream.  But dumb backwards hicks will continue to believe in it for many generations.  We can only hope that this generation will see the last public figures and major movements.

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