Monday, March 29, 2010

My story

The Hill Country Bible Church Job Club had a new speaker this morning, Barbara Salisbury of Face Forward Life Coaching. Barbara gave us a nice model for outlining and telling our story. I've done much of this already, but not organized this well. And I realized that my vision had changed some in the past few months. So here's my (updated) story, according to Barbara's outline.

My Needs

Wife, four kids, mortgage, car payments, etc.
We home school, and there are many expenses for curriculum and activities.
Soon the first of four kids will need a car and auto insurance.
The oldest kid will be heading to college in a few years.
My retirement is seriously underfunded right now.
I need time to work on my hobbies.
And I need a job that will help me learn what I need in order to develop my Democracy 2.0 vision.

My Values

Continual improvement
Making a difference
New ideas

My Gifts and Talents

I am a very fast learner, especially with conceptual information.
I am good at explaining difficult concepts to others.
I am constantly learning, always digging for new information from any field.
I see the patterns in life.
I synthesize all of that information, and create frameworks that help me predict the future.
I am a very good communicator, especially when I have time to prepare.
I have a constant stream of new ideas.
I do not stop. Ever.

My Personality

INTJ. Highly introverted. Highly intuitive. Highly thinking. Borderline judging versus perceiving.
I require time alone for optimum functioning.
I think best alone, often while doing mundane chores like sweeping.
I know what I know--this is my favorite description of an INTJ.
I am not afraid.
I would greatly prefer to give you one laser sentence instead of a cluster-bomb of thoughts.
I sometimes come across as arrogant.
I like writing over speaking because I can edit.

My Mission Statement (process)

I work in small groups to implement big ideas. The more creative and the quicker to implement, the better.

My Vision Statement (goal)

My tombstone will say, "Thank God that Randy was able to explain his vision for Democracy 2.0". Everything between here and there is helping me formulate that.

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