Thursday, March 11, 2010

Steve needs a job

I attend a couple of job clubs.  Monday night I met a guy named Steve.  Steve needs a job.  Lots of people need jobs, but Steve's need is a little more urgent than most.  Please look over his background and ping me if you have any leads for him.  I can send you his resume and put you in contact with him.

Steve has a BS in Aviation Management from Tarleton State.  He worked in aviation for a number of years before that industry started shrinking.  He's done several things since then.  He has a strong background in media relations and production.  He managed a planetarium.  He's done substitute teaching.  And he's been a customer service rep--managing relationships with long-term customers.

Steve is smart and very well spoken.  He is very personable.  I think he would do a great job in meeting and talking with people, and maintaining long-term client relationships.  I also think he would excel in managing small and medium teams of workers--in pretty much any environment.

Steve loves the outdoors.  He is a hands-on guy.  He's a nice guy.  It would be very hard to not like him.

He just moved to town from Colorado.  He was only there for a few weeks.  Before that he was in North Carolina.  The unemployment rate is much worse in NC, and he has had some significant periods of unemployment.  That's depleted his savings pretty badly.  He needs to get to work soon.

He is in Austin right now, but he would move again if necessary.

Do you know of any position that could use a friendly and attentive manager, or manager-in-training?  Customer service manager?  Customer relationship manager?

Please let me know.

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