Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking for a job

I have lots of stuff I am doing and want to do.  My wife and kids have been great about tightening the budget while I am in transition.  But the frustrations are starting to build.

I'm a software guy.  I get software.  I like software.  I enjoy turning ideas into requirements, and requirements into design.  I love testing and tweaking.  I love the power that good software has to become a force multiplier and dramatically change the way that the world works.

But I don't have a traditional software background.  My degree is a BA in Christian Ministry.  In a hiring market where there are hundreds of qualified resumes for every position, that degree is a serious hindrance.

My personal projects are all either outright Christian/spiritual (Pray with Friends) or at least public service oriented (the Hiring Survey, Democracy 2.0.)  During a time of prayer the other day I had the idea* that I might should look specifically at Christian organizations that either develop software or that could use websites/software in their work.

(* I'm hesitant to say that God gave me this idea, even though it did come during a time of prayer.  I've had experiences where I was sure that God said "go", and I felt comfortable going in His name.  This was not one of those times.  This was more gentle.  It seemed like it came from within, as opposed to above.  But if it gets me where He wants me to go, then He will get the credit....)

There are a whole lot of different things that I could do for a Christian organization.  That's been part of my problem with the job search so far.  I'm a generalist in a specialist market.  But here are a few ideas:
* I could lead in the design and development of software systems (web sites, applications, iPhone apps, etc.).
* I could help clients (churches, grant-recipient organizations, etc.) implement a software system (or systems).
* I could manage a development team, implementation team, or support team.

I would enjoy designing a Bible study site where people could "vote" on interpretations and discuss applications of specific verses.

I could fold into an existing ministry--it would make a great addition to most any Christian community site.

I'm going to catalog a list of companies that I think might be good targets.  I'll update the list as I find new ones.  I'd appreciate any organizations that you might know of.

I am not comfortable raising my own support.  I know several people who do it, including a few family members and close friends.  I'm happy for them and have no trouble supporting them (when I'm able.)  But that is just not my personality.  So I'm looking for a salary-type staff position, not a raise-your-own-support position.  If an organization only works in the raise-your-own-support mode then I'll cross them off.

Para-church organizations:
Focus on the Family (pinged one contact)
Campus Crusade (pinged one contact)
Youth with a Mission
Navigators (pinged one contact)
Wycliffe (raise-your-own-support only?)
Jaars (raise-your-own-support only?)
Samaritan's Purse
GodTube / Tangle

Church management software:
ACS Technologies
Power Church Software
Church Windows Software
Church Soft
Church Community Builder
Servant PC
Church Pro
Logos Church Management Software
CCIS Church Management Software
Fellowship Technologies
Interaction We
Service U for Churches
Helpmate Technology Solutions
By the Book
Faithful Steward
Last Days Software
Shelby Inc.

Bible software:
Bible Explorer
Bible Study Pro
Bible Works
the Word Bible Software
Word Search

What others am I missing?

Can you tell me something interesting about any of these?

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