Monday, February 15, 2010

The pendulum continues to swing

The warm-mongers' strangle hold on publishing seems to have been broken.  Climate change skeptics are finding their voices again.  Suddenly we are finding out that the data we have is grossly unreliable because of the placement of weather stations near heat-generating objects like waste incinerators.  And even that data is indicating that the latest warming period ended in 1995--that's right, the planet has not been warming for the last 15 years.

I predict that the pendulum will swing even further, and that the major spokespeople of global warming will be fully discredited and shamed out of the field before cooler heads prevail and we begin actually studying the climate.  That's too bad, but the swinging pendulum of public opinion is hard to stop.

Those of us who understand that the climate is indeed changing, just not necessarily due to man-made causes, need to use this time to get ready for the next round of debates.  We need to focus on getting better weather recording stations and methods in place.  We need to focus on discussing the existing known climate change patterns, and where we are in them.  We have to use more moderate tones of alarm.  And we have to keep the information open for serious peer review.

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