Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the plot thickens

I blogged earlier about the hackers who exposed internal emails and documents from the East Anglia Climate Research Center.  Now that some time has passed and people are starting to really sift through the data they are finding the genuine data gaps that many had predicted.

Here's the latest one.  It seems that some of the temperature readings used in their studies was from China.  That data was sent from China to someone in the US who forwarded it to East Anglia.  The raw source data was deleted, and apparently no longer exists.  And the numbers they used in their studies don't jive with any numbers that anyone can now recreate from China.  The data they used in their study is significantly warmer than any data at any existing Chinese weather station.

In a separate row, an entirely different climate change study has been entirely discredited recently.  The UN's official climate change study has been shown to have been hacked together from anecdotal data gathered in a hiking magazine.

Global warming science is acting more and more cultish every day.  They have stopped acting like real scientists.  They are hiding their data and producing garbage reports.  They attack everyone who questions them.  And they rake in big bucks from their donors.

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