Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Near constant financial distress

Interesting article about how poverty impacts the way a person thinks.

The author uses the term "financial distress" as an equivalent to poverty.  I think this is a brilliant insight.  I earn a good income (and I'm thankful for it), but because I have a big family and lots of stuff happening we are in a perpetual state of financial distress.  We're one big medical bill away from bankruptcy.  We would have to go into ugly debt if (when) our home A/C goes out or if (when) one of our cars dies.

I wonder if the coming revolution will tap into all of the financially distressed, or only with the extremely disaffected (see Ferguson.)  If I can explain to the financially distressed how Democracy 2.0 would help them get out of distress (without violence), then I might see this in my lifetime.

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