Monday, January 31, 2011

How to tax the rich

Scott Adams is a smart guy.  In general, I find that truly funny people are very smart--funny requires broad knowledge and keen insight.  I don't agree with him on several topics.  But his recent article about taxation is compelling (and amusing.)

His big idea is that the rich need to get something in return for paying their higher taxes.  There are some big devils in the details.  What sorts of perks should they get?  But the idea is definitely worth exploring.

Some would argue that the rich are already getting special treatment.  They get laws written the way they want.  They get loopholes that only they can afford the lawyers to exploit.  They have been getting increasing income inequality for decades.  But we must concede that those are things that they are already getting, without actually paying the higher taxes.  So we have to come up with some new benefits for them.

As he says, bad ideas are easy to come up with.  What are your good ideas?

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