Friday, December 3, 2010

Their true colors

The Republican party has finally officially openly declared their priorities.  Guess what.  It's not you.

The lame duck Congress has several major issues that it needs to deal with.  The senate Republicans have announced that they will filibuster every bill other than an extension to the Bush tax cuts that includes all of the cuts.  If they were willing to accept only some of the cuts then they would have that bill passed already.  The Republican party is holding out for the cuts for the top income brackets.

One of the bills that they refuse to vote on until after the tax cuts is funding unemployment benefits.  Now I may be a little biased here, because my unemployment benefits have expired because they refused to pass the funding bill before they left for Thanksgiving.  I'll be getting my last unemployment benefits check in two weeks.

But the top income earners are going to get their tax cuts.

I understand the socio-economic theory.  The top earners have been successful, and the unemployed have not.  So the successful should be rewarded ahead of the unsuccessful.  Rewarding the unsuccessful first just encourages more unsuccess.  The top earners are more likely to spend their wealth and drive the economy.  The unemployed are merely going to pay their bills,which does not help the economy recover as much as new spending does.

I understand the theory.  I think it is probably mostly correct.

However, it is against my interests to vote for this theory.  I will do so no longer.

The problem with the two-party system is that I have no good alternative to support now.  The Democrats (and Tea Party) are fools and incompetent.  The Republicans are less foolish and less incompetent, but their policies are contrary to my best interests.  I am left no way to participate in the system.  So, from this moment on I am officially against the system.  The system left me no choice.

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