Monday, November 15, 2010

I've solved the federal budget crisis

But I still can't find a job.  (sigh)

The New York Times has an interactive budget-balancer puzzle.  I've tried my hand at it (you can click the second link to see what I selected.)
38% savings from tax increases.
62% savings from spending cuts.

The shortfall is $418 for 2015, and I raised $537.  The shortfall is $1,355 for 2030, and I raised $1,805.  I did that by evaluating each proposal on it's merits and selecting the ones that I thought were good ideas.  I didn't look at the amounts each proposal saved.  I would funnel the additional savings to paying down debt.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the current two-party system is designed to generate results that no one wants.  So we will never get a fair or reasonable result from Congress, no matter who is in charge of what.

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