Monday, October 4, 2010

Business as usual

I'm toying with another side project--something related to Democracy 2.0.  That's a long story.  Anyway, as I was brainstorming for that project I wrote this sentence:
Donating money has replaced voting in the American government.
I stopped there and almost cried.

Then tonight I came across this story.  What really strikes me here is that Alabama state legislators were arrested by the FBI today.  They must have been remarkably sloppy.  This is business as usual.  Sure it is unethical and probably illegal if you don't use the right words and signals--remember that the people who are accepting the bribes are the people who wrote the laws against bribery.  But no one gets in trouble for buying or selling votes any more.

This won't stick.  And it won't stop anyone else from doing it.

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