Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Funniest tragedy I have seen in a long time

Democratic staff members in Washington are beginning to wring their hands and worry about losing their jobs.  Ha!

They should have thought about that before they ignored the will of the people and passed massive graft for the financial services and healthcare industries.  I'm no big fan of our current corruption-laden two-party system. But this one thing works.  If you don't do what people want then you will eventually lose your cushy job.

This quote really irked me, though:
“I think people underestimate how disastrous this could be,” said one House Democratic aide, whose member faces an uphill climb. “The job pool could shrink tremendously, and then the available jobs will be in very high demand. All sorts of people who are overqualified for things could be looking for jobs.”
This person is grossly out of touch with the reality on mainstreet.  I can't help but think that you would not be facing this problem if you had fixed this problem for others.

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