Monday, January 11, 2010

Glad I don't live in China, reason #8476

CNN is reporting that China is facing a shortage of 24 million brides over the next decade.  That's 24 million men who will not be able to find a bride and form a family.

This might seem like good news for women.  They will have their pick of many suitors, and may be handsomely rewarded for divorcing and remarrying.  But I fear the bad news caused by this inequality will overshadow the good news.

These 24 million unmarried men will be predominantly in the lower income brackets.  They will turn to crime, like prostitution and rape, to get their physical intimacy needs met.  They will be unstable and unhappy, a "revolutionary" element within society.  So the government will have to find something productive to do with them.

What would you expect a paternalistic, controlling government to do with 24 million bored and restless men?  Build a wall, perhaps?  Or maybe go on a military campaign or two?

This does not bode well for China's nearest neighbors.

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